1. We serve clients globally by telephone and internet.  We never need face-to-face meetings.  We read people and organizations quickly and insightfully.
  2. We work with anyone who has significant career, work, company, or lifetime goals to achieve.
  3. We will accomplish any goal we take on with superior performance.  We provide accelerated goal achievement.  We can usually achieve goals faster than even experts in a field because of our frontiering™ expertise – the ability to penetrate unknown territory quickly and safely or bring the unknown into existence (creativity).
  4. Biology is honored for all our services as described in the articles of our blog at  We honor your biological predisposition to certain strengths or talents to determine all our career strategy recommendations.
  5. We hyper-focus on your particular genius to help you to achieve your biologically maximized career.
  6. All services will honor your biologically maximized career.  We can buffer all of our biological analysis from you, or we can use your projects or job to teach you our methods:
    For example, we do unprecedented breakthrough work.  We are thus able to use our work on your projects as a teaching aid to consolidate your own frontierFRONTIERING.coming™ expertise.
  7. We provide practical documentation.  For example, a website may explain a new venture better than a Word document.  It is immediately usable for you and all those who need to get up to speed quickly.  We can provide recordings for your car or phone rather than long reports.  We provide lots of emails so you know what we know at all times.
  8. Anything we design or develop must agree with and capitalize on what has historically worked for your maximum performance in your past (see Sourcing your Savant exercises). We comply with what nature does and does not support historically for your system.  We can then ensure your greater success in the future a well as avoiding failures.  We design any projects to ensure that you will be working with nature rather than against nature going forward. This is one of our many techniques which allow our clients to achieve beyond their potential.
  9. We can develop breakthrough company or project concepts faster than 95% of the corporate population.
  10. Because we invent new frontiers and breakthroughs, everyone on a client project signs your agreements for confidentiality and non-competition.  Often we are able to deduce confidential information you may not be free to tell us so we encourage such agreements for client peace of mind.