Career Maximization


CAREER MAXIMIZATION AND CO-EXECUTION SERVICESLet us hyperfocus your career on your genius

for your greatest achievements and your
greatest emotional, meaning, and financial rewards


Our biology-based career maximizing services include:

Strategic career management servicesThese are biology-based to enable you to operate at your maximum for paid play and paid growth along the path you would pursue naturally given unlimited resources and freedom.

Strategy development and co-execution for careers, work, and growth

Job re-definition and replacement to favor your strengths for greater career success

Job creation inside or outside of employers for a biologically maximized career

Customized companies so that you are playing to your biological strengths, talents, drives, and predisposition. The natural growth paths of both you and your company should ideally coincide for maximum achievement.

Brainstorming and strategy-setting sessions


Onboarding to enable us to revise the job and capitalize on your new employer to play to your advantage

Action-Learning Professional Development and Peak Performance

This action learning uses work assignments to increase baseline performance, functionality, and especially executive-level meta-skills. Biological maximization emerges automatically by operating differently. Let us use your next work goal to demonstrate and transform.

Biology is honored for all our services as described in the articles of our blog at Your biological predisposition to certain strengths or talents determines our career strategy recommendations. We hyper-focus your career on your particular genius. Your biologically maximized career is the ultimate career management strategy.

Examples discussed at include the iconic founders of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple: Bill Gates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. There is a biologically based way of operating that not only raises peak performance and upgrades functionality but dramatically increases one’s experience of flashes of genius, breakthroughs, sudden knowledge, and innovation. These are career game-changers. They are accessible to even those of ordinary intelligence.

As with these seven super-achievers, we want all of our clients to be paid to apply their strongest, most rewarding talents to new frontiers of impact and performance. We want to apply your particular genius to its most meaningful field of application for the audience that will value it the most. We want paid play and paid growth based on not only maximizing your biological predisposition but the biological systems around you.

More specifically, we want to capitalize on the fact that each person is part of a living system of systems. We are not separate biological entities. Each biological system is maximized for survival by a biological machinery of mechanisms, processes, and forces. Capitalizing on this machinery will enable you to achieve beyond your potential. The result will be a more successful and impactful career than you may realize is possible. Lend us your career and we will demonstrate.

FREE TELEPHONE SESSION to start identifying
your biologically maximized career

Let us begin to define your biologically maximized career as presented in our blog at We offer a free introductory session to get started.

You need do nothing to prepare. Or we invite you to do one or more of the 12 Sourcing Your Savant exercises to identify times of operating at your maximum in your past. This will tell us how to recreate your maximum in the future to increase your success.

We capitalize on the fact that human beings are not separate biological entities but part of an integrated biological machinery which can be harnessed to accelerate and augment goal attainment. The result is achievement beyond one’s potential. A byproduct of operating as part of nature’s infinitely adapting, maximizing machinery is increased functionality – especially the very meta-skills that executives need:

conceptual, abstract, relational, system, and big-picture thinking

expanded consciousness and all the new functionality that emerges from being able to capitalize on the interconnectedness of things


a nonlinear and opportunistic execution methodology specifically for quickly and safely penetrating unknown territory or bringing the new into existence based on new contextual information sources (Frontiering™).

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