Talent Maximization

CORPORATE TALENT MAXIMIZATION PROGRAMSThe programs are offered by telephone and internet globally in three formats:

ONE TO ONE: Examples: for executives, those of scarce talents, or high potential, or to set up entrepreneurial companies around retiring executives that will continue their support of their former employer, or
ONE TO 10-20 plus ONE TO ONE: Examples: for high potentials, or onboarding, or a project team, or
ONE TO MANY: Examples: for the mass conversion of a company or all high potentials.
The programs are all designed to simultaneously seek the maximization of employee and employer to mutual gain.
Services are provided monthly and cancellable at any time.

Outcomes may include:

  • increased creativity, inventiveness, and innovation
  • 11 ways to outperform your potential
  • increased breakthroughs, flashes of genius, sudden knowledge or creativity
  • new functionality
  • ability to quickly and safely penetrate unknown territory


  1. MAXIMIZATION FORMULA: The biologically maximized individual is determined to enable his/her potential to be maximized and extended by biological mechanisms and processes. achievement beyond one’s potential then becomes possible
  2. JOB REDEFINITION: Their job is redesigned to capitalize on their strengths and talents and to ensure they are contributing to corporate goals at their maximum.
  3. IMPLEMENTATION TO TEACH MAXIMIZING MODUS OPERANDI: We use their current work to teach them the new way of operating at their maximum or beyond.
  4. CAREER PATH I: This first career path is developed to sustain them operating at their maximum to corporate gain in contribution to the existing corporate machinery using current or planned positions and projects
  5. CAREER PATH II: Then the emphasis for maximization is reversed. A second career path is developed in which the corporation is maximized around the individual’s talents much as an entrepreneurial company would maximize its founder. What are the dream jobs and projects that the individual could do with their talents and passions maximized using corporate assets and resources and mission? We work with the employee to develop one to three major new ventures to advance the company or organization in unprecedented ways which will capitalize on his/her greatest talents.
  6. NEW VENTURES: These new talent-based ventures are proposed to corporate decision-makers. What is sought is a synergy between employer and employee bottom lines; a maximization of the employee on new projects which maximize and advance the employer; a maximization of an employee’s assets on new projects which maximize the company’s assets.
  7. IMPLEMENTATION TO TEACH NEW MODUS OPERANDI: We then help to implement the selected new venture as the means to teach the new way of operating developed. Implementation might be full-time or a percentage of their week while they retain their current job.
  8. TALENT MAXIMIZATION: Achieve the best possible ROI on talent with each employee
  9. IMPROVED TALENT RETENTION: Studies show any career strategizing for advance within an employer improves the retention of high-potential talent. However, providing them with their dream job may offer the means to secure a 5-year contract in return, for example, or until the project has achieved a certain stage, or until a replacement is trained. This is especially advantageous for scarce skills or talents or for those in which training investments must be made.
  10. IMPROVED SPEED AND QUALITY OF WORK: We will have them operating at peak performance and beyond. An increase in leaps, breakthroughs, epiphanies, creativity and inventiveness will produce better results faster and often nonlinearly. They will more easily move into unknown territory.
  11. UPGRADED FUNCTIONALITY IS A BYPRODUCT: Conceptual and other cognitive capabilities will upgrade, especially those meta-skills requisite to executive-level thinking.
  12. LEADERSHIP IS A BYPRODUCT: Operating at one’s biological maximum around their greatest, most rewarding talents, strengthens the inner core for leadership. Also, frontiering™ is the new leadership. Those who can quickly and safely penetrate new unknown territory and scale new frontiers will always be the leader. Managers manage what exists. Leaders advance into new territory or bring the new into existence. We create leaders centred on their true identity and core strength.
  13. CREATIVITY FOR THE NON-CREATIVE and innovation-challenged when people are merged with the creativity engine driving nature’s adaptation process.
  14. INCREASED BREAKTHROUGHS and FLASHES OF GENIUS: Even one breakthrough may be life-changing, career-making, company-changing, or world-changing. Imagine what could be achieved with a lifetime of information leaps.