Peak Evolution


Peak EvolutionSecond Edition 2010  –  digital/Kindle and printed versions:
The second edition of Peak Evolution is available on Kindle/digital readers and in a published book.  It has only cosmetic changes from the first edition:  removal of jargon, corrections, a new cover plus the history of the development of Leadering™ of which Peak Evolution was a stepping stone.  And now the saga begun in 1991 continues on the blog about a biologically maximized way to achieve  –  not as a separate biological entity but as a member of systems of systems of biological entities perpetually being adapted and maximized by nature’s biological machinery.  For the first time, the ability to achieve beyond one’s potential may become the new norm for human beings..

Peak Evolution - Kindle
Digital Second Edition 

Peak Evolution:   Beyond Peak Performance and Peak Experience  by Lauren Holmes
(Kindle Edition 2010)   $9.99         US            Germany       UK            Canada              France
Peak Evolution - Print
Printed Second Edition
Peak Evolution:  Beyond Peak Performance and Peak Experience  by Lauren Holmes
(Paperback 2010)   $18.99             US                Canada                Germany            UK             Japan          Australia                  France